The Elizabeth Collection

Elizabeth Collection

The newest addition to the Brumbaugh's family,
The Elizabeth Collection.

Elizabeth Collection | Brumbaugh's Fine Home Furnishings
Elizabeth Collection | Brumbaugh's Fine Home Furnishings

Drawing from her many years of experience, Elizabeth Brumbaugh invites you to browse her beautiful new collection. Each piece has been carefully curated with the intent to impress. See how her collection adds a modern twist to the company’s traditional western chic style.

Elizabeth Collection | Brumbaugh's Fine Home Furnishings

unique. driven. talented.


Sophisticated. Bold. Glamorous.


Comfort. Style. Practical.


Classic. Balance. Perfection.


Bold. Casual. Expressive.


Elizabeth Brumbaugh was born to be in the home furnishings business. It truly is her calling. Her family has captured the attention of their customers and peers for decades by setting the standard in the retail furniture market.


The Elizabeth Collection consists of various pieces to fit all styles and combines the warmth of yesterday to the modern home of today. Sumptuous leather and luxurious fabric with straight classic design adds an elegant timeless feel to any room. Weathered metals, hand hewn wood and iron accents bring the feel of modern industrial design to this collection. With the timeless quality of craftsmanship, this modern collection will become the heirloom of tomorrow.

  • Quality. Craftsmanship. Uniquely YOU…The Elizabeth Collection
  • Nouveau Chic home furnishings
  • The Elizabeth Collection, curated for you and your home.

Unique. Driven. Talented.

She has a vision when it comes to introducing her own line of furniture and accessories. She dares to step outside the boundaries that define her family business. She embraces a style that is truly her own. Escape the ordinary. Discover a new frontier in personal style…The Elizabeth Collection.

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