A Guide to At-Home Bar Set-Up


A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up an At-Home Bar

What if heading out for drinks at your favorite watering hole could mean a quick trip downstairs? When you don’t want to make a trek to your local bar, an at-home bar offers the ultimate convenience. In addition, a bar makes a great focal point for entertaining friends and family at your home (without the hefty tab at the end of the night). When you decide to set up your own at-home bar, Brumbaugh’s can help! After all, nobody knows bars like Texas, and nobody knows Texas furniture like Brumbaugh’s.

First Things First

You know you want to bring those high-dollar bottles of whiskey or tequila out from the pantry, but you aren’t sure where to put them… 

We’ve got you covered. Here are some things to consider when planning the location for an at-home bar:

Bar Design Checklist

An at-home bar should marry form and function. Establish a comfortable and organized set-up by following these tips.

Stocking Your Bar

Even the most beautiful Western bar is still only as good as its drinks! Here are bar essentials to satisfy any guest.

In order to accommodate most drink requests, make sure your bar includes vodka, rum, gin, bourbon, and tequila. Instead of breaking the bank to buy all top-shelf varieties, only splurge on the high-quality liquors that fit your tastes.

Mixers and garnishes are what elevate your drinks to something worth savoring. Have tonic water, soda water, a variety of fruit juices, and popular garnishes on hand to make the most popular drinks. To be fully prepared, we recommend getting a cocktail recipe book (like our recent favorite, “Tequila Mockingbird”) to find out what ingredients you will need for your essential cocktails.

To be a true home bartender, there are several pieces of equipment you will need. Make sure your bar contains a cocktail shaker, a mixing glass (with a mixing spoon), a hawthorne strainer, a jigger, and a muddler. To embrace the western atmosphere, check out Brumbaugh’s Neuces and Tito Decanters.

Part of enjoying a drink is enjoying the feeling of the glass in your hand. To capture the experience of a professional bar, have tumblers, cocktail glasses, highball glasses, red and white wine glasses, pints, and shot glasses.

A quality bar stool encourages guests to stay for another drink. Have four or five stools available, and opt for styles offering a back and armrests for added comfort.

Feels Like Home

Instead of trying to replicate the generic bars downtown, emphasize the warmth that comes with being in someone’s home. Use things like homemade snacks, soft couches, and a personalized music playlist to combine the best elements of a popular pub and cozy home.

If you love entertaining, an at-home bar that reflects your Texas roots is a must! The fun of going out combined the comfort of staying in makes an at-home bar the best of both worlds. Shop Brumbaugh’s selection of bar favorites to furnish your at-home bar this spring!

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