Where and How to Style Leather Furniture


Where and How to Style Leather Furniture

If you couldn’t tell from taking a look around our store, we love leather furniture.

Leather is amazing in that it has the ability to really transform a space. Whether you’re going for a rustic, bohemian or simple, yet modern look, it adds interest and makes everything feel a little more finished.

So, where and how should you decorate with leather furniture? That’s the great thing about leather. Because of its neutral hues and rich texture, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s some design advice on how you can easily use leather pieces to transform functional rooms into something fashionable.

Bring Style and Function in the Dining Room

Leather is a stylish and family-friendly addition to any dining room or kitchen. Genuine leather is incredibly durable and easy to clean, which is particularly important if you have little ones who have a tendency to spill things.

A yummy caramel dining chair, like our Turquoise Gator Dining Chair, will add a sophisticated vibe to any space that’s designed with contemporary or traditional elements. Or, this Carmel Barstool can work across many styles from rustic to modern to farmhouse — another reason why neutral leather dining chairs are versatile and great pieces to invest in.

Create a Classic, Cozy and Rustic Feel in the Living Room

When people think of leather couches they think of overstuffed black sectionals or recliners. And sometimes people think leather couches are only for masculine tastes.

But at Brumbaugh’s, our designers believe you can use leather to create a softer, more sophisticated living room that reflects the man and the woman who live there.

Choose a sofa with a fabric and leather combination, like the Sinquefield Sofa, to add a cozy, rustic style to any modern living room.
Looking for a more classic option? Tailored leather furniture blends seamlessly in traditional homes. Play with symmetry by placing two Nadine Wing Chair by the fireplace.

Incorporate Lighter Elements to Brighten Up Dark Leather Furniture

Traditional leather furniture, like sofas or chairs, tends to come in darker hues and can sometimes add a heavy visual weight to a room. If you have rich, dark, leather furniture, and you’re worried about them appearing too bulky, you can easily lighten the room up with some accent pieces.

Our favorite way to lighten up dark leather furniture is by layering them with pastel or white throw blankets or accent pillows. We think these cream-colored Denver Faux Fur Pillows really add a nice contrast to darker leather pieces.

You can also incorporate other pale accents, like area rugs, and accessories, like mirrors, to add visual contrast and bounce light around the room.

Placing a couch or chair near a large window also lightens up the room—just make sure your furniture is made of high-quality leather (for instance, a piece that uses full-grain or top-grain leather). These types of leather are more durable and fade-resistant.

Anchor Your Bedroom With a Leather Headboard

Whether it’s a fully upholstered leather bed or simply a leather headboard, leather has the ability to add a unique texture to a bedroom while creating a timeless look. Plus: leather is very soft, but cool to the touch, making it a great material to use in a bedroom, especially for homes in warmer climates.

The chestnut headboard on our Leather Button-Tuft Bed is a foundation piece that can anchor the space in your bedroom while adding a little touch of polish and sophistication.

Use Leather to Make a Statement In Your Space

If you want to incorporate leather into your space without springing for a matching set of high-quality, leather sofas, consider adding smaller pieces to the room’s design.

With a leather ottoman, footstool or accent chair, you can add visual interest to a space where fabric upholstered sofas are the main focal point, all while maintaining a cohesive look throughout the room.

There are other ways to add texture to a room using leather besides upholstered furniture. You can use smaller accent pieces, like this Jarra Juana Vase, to bring a little edginess to an otherwise ordinary object like a plain wood shelf or basic table, too.

Inspired? Visit Brumbaugh's For High-Quality Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is durable, comfortable, and has a timeless style, and beauty. It also adapts well to almost any design style. Yet, some people struggle to incorporate leather into their spaces. With the above design tips, you can easily add leather furniture into your spaces to achieve a knock-your-socks-off effect. At Brumbaugh’s, we offer high-quality leather furniture that will stand up to years of daily use and blend seamlessly into any design aesthetic. To shop genuine leather furniture, visit our Fort Worth store today!

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