Furniture Vocabulary You Should Know


Furniture Vocabulary You Should Know

Searching for the perfect Western furniture to add to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom can be a thrill. But when shopping, you may come across a piece with a funky name or interesting detail that you’ve never heard of before. What is this mysterious item? Could it be the right fit for your space? Don’t worry, we’re here to help fill in the gaps of your furniture vocabulary so you never miss out on the perfect piece.

Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support your legs when you recline.

Fun fact: the term chaise lounge comes from the French term “chaise longue,” which literally means long chair!

This piece is typically used in spaces where a chair is not enough seating, but an entire couch is a little too much. Or, in larger living rooms, they help fill more space than the average chair, while still leaving room for a large sectional to seat the whole family. Our Winchester chaise can comfortably seat two for a get-together, or lets you stretch out when settling in with a good book. The chaise lounge is the perfect balance of size and comfort.

Winchester Chaise

Button Tufting

Button tufting is an upholstery treatment where certain areas of fabric are pulled tighter than others and are kept in place with a stud, button, or other fastening. This treatment is used to make Western furniture appear more plush, as well as giving it a more polished finish. Button tufting is popular in both leather and fabric pieces and creates a feeling of sophistication with its clean finishings and matching button coverings. Tufts are often added to increase the level of grandeur in a space. Our leather button-tuft bed is the perfect piece for the elegant bedroom of your dreams.

Button Tufted bed frame

Cigar Chair

Originally designed for gentlemen’s clubs in France and England, this type of chair was used for (you guessed it) smoking cigars and conversation. There are many different styles of cigar chairs, but most feature very large, sturdy armrests with plenty of cushion and a semi-sloped back. (Some models even have hidden compartments to store lighters, an ashtray attached to the armrest, and cupholders!) Cigar chairs are often covered in leather, tufts, studs, and other elaborate details to add to their luxurious design. Our grey cigar chair offers a classic look and plenty of cushion to keep you comfortable until you’re ready to call it a night.

Grey Cigar Chair

Hammered Metal

Hammering metal is a decorative technique created by what the name suggests – a hammer. Using a hammer to create indentions in soft metals like copper, brass, and pewter creates a unique pattern on the metal’s surface. These patterns differ depending on what kind of hammer is used, how many are used, and how many times the metal is struck. This treatment is used to bring texture and visual interest into a flat metal surface.

Hammered metal can be used on large scale pieces like kitchen islands, dining tables, and sliding doors, or smaller, decorative pieces like a coffee tray, lamp, or picture frame. Our hammered fire pit is a great way to bring this trend to your outdoor space and spice up your patio!

Hammered Metal Fire Pit | Brumbaugh's

Cocktail Table

You may think that a cocktail table is just a fancier name for a coffee table, but there are actually a few distinct differences between the two. A cocktail table is a square or rectangular table that’s lower to the ground and was traditionally used to serve, you guessed it, cocktails.

While a coffee table is usually rounder in shape, they also sit slightly higher off the ground. Cocktail tables are typically longer than coffee tables, as they are meant to act almost like a small bar top. With plenty of space and a Western feel, our Richmond 4 leg cocktail table is the perfect piece for entertaining guests with a drink or two.

Western Cocktail Table | Brumbaugh's

Embossed Leather

Are you drawn to leather with a textured design and feel? This unique type of leather is embossed, a finishing detail with strong Western-heritage that adds extra style and intricacy to furniture, boots, and more. High heat and pressure is applied to the leather to give it the raised texture and pattern of everything from animal print to floral or geometric arrangements.

Our Nox Chair offers a beautiful example of embossed leather. Note the gorgeous leather pattern  that wraps around the outer edge of the chair. If you’re a lover of all things Western, keep an eye out for embossed leather the next time you’re searching for a new piece.

Tufted coffee colored armchair

Shop Western Furniture in Fort Worth, Texas

Expanding your furniture vocabulary is the best way to know what piece will complete your space. Brumbaugh’s has 50,000 square feet of elegant Western home furnishings like these and others you just won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today if you have any questions, or visit us in Fort Worth to see our showroom.

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