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Tips for “Home-Gating” this Football Season

In 2020, if we’ve learned anything, it’s how to make the best of a not-so-great situation. And that includes our beloved football season. While some stadiums are allowing in-person fans, many are not. If you didn’t make the cut to cheer on your team from the stands, we’ve got the tips you need for making the best at-home gameday…one any accomplished tailgater would be proud of.

So where do you start to create an amazing “home-gate”? The food, of course:

Homemade Stadium Favorites

Even if you can’t sit in the stands this season, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the stadium snacks. (After all, the best part about halftime is loading up on food, right?). Fire up your at-home grill and recreate some of everyone’s favorite concession stand bites:

  • Hot dogs with all the toppings: grilled hot dogs are the epitome of stadium food and are always a crowd-pleaser. Grill up all-beef hotdogs and then don’t be shy with the toppings. Build your topping bar with grilled onions, spicy mustard, pickle relish, sharp cheddar cheese, sauerkraut, jalapenos, or whatever else you love.


  • Crispy chicken wings: elevate classic chicken wings with this recipe that uses a garlic, lemon, and herb marinade. Just 20 minutes on the grill and these are ready to enjoy!


  • Grilled steak nachos: this recipe calls for BBQ sauce and tator tots (!) to take these steak nachos the extra yard.
Homemade Stadium Favorites: Crispy Chicken Wings | Brumbaugh's Fine Home Furnishings

Recreate the Tailgate

Find ways to make the game feel like a special event — not just an afternoon on the couch.

  • For that true tailgate taste, put beer, sodas, water, and other drinks in a cooler with koozies that rep your team nearby. (It’s just a fact: drinks taste better when pulled out of an ice-cold cooler.)


  • Skip the silverware and washing up — go with paper plates and plastic utensils in your team’s colors to save yourself the cleanup (and keep it just as casual as your usual parking lot tailgate).


  • Mimic your usual halftime routine at the stadium and get up and get moving: set up cornhole boards for a quick game or bring out the football for some halftime play time in the backyard. 
Bring out the Cooler for Home-Gating this Fall | Brumbaugh's Fine Home Furnishings

Get Creative for Game Day Excitement

Sure, nothing beats waking up early, putting on your favorite gameday shirt, and heading to the stadium of your hometown team. But you can still make gameday at home something to look forward to all week.

  • For evening games, when the weather is cool, head outside. An affordable projector like this one  lets you easily hook up a phone or laptop so you can stream the game anywhere. Project onto a wall or DIY screen and watch the game around the fire or on the back patio while you enjoy the fall air.


  • Take this tip from serious tailgaters: start early! If the game begins mid-morning, start things off with a hearty breakfast before kickoff. If it’s a late afternoon game, gather everyone together for a big lunch. By preparing a meal ahead of game time, you can lay out a simple snack spread just before game time and kick your feet up to enjoy the game.


  • For kids just learning about the game (or the young at heart), try Football Bingo; this free printable Bingo game card has different game-time actions like “Offsides Penalty” and “20+ Yard Pass” to add a little friendly competition to the day.

Enjoy the Best Season in Texas

While this year has thrown a lot of changes our way, we hope you can still enjoy the best part about fall in Texas. And if you need a recliner, sectional, or sofa to make your homegate more comfortable, visit Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings! We have the Western-style furniture to fit any home theater or living room.

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