How to Style a Rustic Coffee Table


How to Style a Rustic Coffee Table

It’s the center of your living room, so it should look the part, right? A rustic coffee table can be a perfect focal point for any western-style living room, den, or family room. But it really steals the show when it’s well-designed with thoughtfully chosen accessories.

Below, we share our recommended decor items as well as tips to give you the perfect finished look.

Rustic Coffee Table Styling Essentials

Not sure where to start? Any interior decorator would tell you that these functional and beautiful pieces are styling essentials — go tos that will never let you down. And the best part about these is that you can pick them up now at our Fort Worth furniture store!

Coffee table

It’s a no-brainer: before you can start designing your dream coffee table, you have to find the right one for your space. Our collection of rustic coffee tables has something for everyone, from copper coffee tables to intricately carved wooden coffee tables.

Coffee table book

It’s a great foundation for decor and can be an even greater conversation starter during your next happy hour with friends. Grab this one from our store if you love a glass or whiskey or bourbon. It tells the tale of one bartender’s journey across America in search of the best local whiskey flavors. (Even our Texas favorite, Garrison Brothers, is mentioned!) 

Decorative corral

Grab a bowl or tray for remotes or knick-knacks or whatever you need to gather to keep the table looking put-together all the time. We love the Etched Tray (to add a sophisticated metallic detail) or the Large Laurel Wooden Bowl to lend warmth and a natural element to your tabletop. 

Candle and matchbox

Hand-poured into a wooden bowl, this balsam-scented candle feels right at home on top of a rustic coffee table. Add the hand-engraved, etched silver matchbox to turn matches from a functional necessity into a beautiful accessory. 

Whimsical details

Here’s where you can get creative. Every coffee table should have one or two items that are purely decorative and give the space an artistic finish. We love the Palomita Blessing Beads — they would love gorgeous draped across your coffee table books. Or, the Barnaby Vase would be a beautiful addition with its glossy striped finish. 

Tips for Pulling It All Together

Before you start trying to design the tabletop, read through our tips. These will help you land the look you love from your favorite home magazine.

Add height.

Monotony is boring. So switch it up, starting with height. Make sure you have items with a range of heights and widths. Maybe try one tall vase, a slightly shorter stack of books, and then a small bowl or candle to create a stairstep effect that adds visual interest. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations to get that height variety — which leads us to our next point….

Layer it.

Accessories are more fun when you find unique and innovative ways to display them. Try layering your accessories in new ways.

  • Use a few coffee table books as a foundation for something else, like a small sculpture or photo frame. The books will form a decorative riser that gives the item on top more prominence.
  • Try placing 2-3 candles and a decorative matchbook inside a small tray.
  • Drape blessing beads over a bowl or vase to add movement to your table design.

Mix textures and finishes.

Just how the differences in height can add interest, so can differences in the textures of your chosen accessories. Try incorporating a mix of finishes, such as:

  • Rick, dark woods
  • Glossy jewel tones like turquoise, emerald, or onyx.
  • Matte, Southwestern-inspired ceramic
  • Glazed porcelain
  • Antiqued silver or brass
  • And more.

Soften it up with organic touches.

Finally, always add a natural element to every rustic coffee table; it complements every design and helps your space feel fresh. Try adding dried grasses or faux greenery to a vase. Include a small succulent in your corral of choice. Or, include handmade, imperfect wooden accessories that lend distinctly Western character.

Style a Rustic Coffee Table with Help From Brumbaugh’s

If you’re looking for a coffee table you’ll love for years to come, you have to visit Brumbaugh’s: we have DFW’s best collection of premium, hand-selected Western furniture. And if you need the right accessories to decorate it, we have those, too! Come visit us at 11651 Camp Bowie W Blvd, in Aledo, Texas.

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