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How To Host a Virtual Get Together

Hosting this summer could mean being in charge of (maybe your first!) virtual get together. Zoom calls are simple and free, and, right now, can be the best way to see and hear from friends and family. While simply catching up is always a good time, sometimes planning an activity can bring another level of fun to your call. There are many creative ways to enjoy company while still remaining socially distanced, such as:

Game Night

If game night has always been your go-to, keep the games going online! Round up a group of 4 to 10 friends or family members, pick games that can be accessed online or still work over video chat, and settle in for a fun night. We suggest games like Kahoot! (free online trivia for groups), Charades, Bingo, and Pictionary. If you’re more into card games, there are several online options, such as and UNO! online.

Church Potluck

Churchgoers in Texas can attest that potlucks are a favorite summer tradition. Although traditional potlucks are on-pause at the moment, you can still continue the tradition with a virtual potluck. A Zoom call with your entire church may be a little overwhelming, so we suggest a group of 5 to 6 couples or families, or your small group, if you have one. When it comes to food, you can either have each family make their own dinner or assign the families another family to cook for, if you want to stick with the idea of serving others. Have them drop off the dish on their family’s porch prior to the video chat, and then share a meal together!

How to Host a Virtual Get Together | Brumbaugh's Western Furniture

Happy Hour

Even though the bars are closed, that doesn’t mean happy hour has to end. Have everyone make their own cocktail (or mocktail) at home and jump on a video chat to make a night in feel more like a night out. Invite friends, family, coworkers — anyone you know that enjoys a refreshing drink! If you want to add a little extra flair, you can also have a contest for the most creative drink or best presentation. You can even make scorecard templates and email them to your guests to make the contest feel more official! We suggest including a prize if you really want to get the competition going.

Craft Time

Whether your crowd is full of kids or adults, everyone loves craft time. Your crafts can range from more advanced activities, like pottery and mosaics, to something simple that the little ones would enjoy, like building with LEGOs or coloring. The preparation for this virtual event is simple — just email or text the supplies list and craft instructions to your guests a few days in advance. If you’re crafting for a ladies’ night in, you can also add some wine to the supply list for an at-home Painting With a Twist experience. After that, all that’s left to do is video chat and enjoy creating with friends!

Book Club

If you haven’t made a dent in your reading list, take this opportunity to finally pick up the untouched book on your bedside table. Virtually meet with your existing book club, or start one for the first time! At the beginning of the month, pick a book you’ve been dying to read and ask your guests to read it, too. Then, video chat at the end of the month and discuss all the plot details. So, whether you enjoy a classic romance novel or a thought-provoking biography, you can enjoy an interesting story among friends.

Glasses on white pages of book

Stay Social This Summer

Although social distancing can feel the opposite of “social”, that doesn’t mean you have to forego entertaining. If you get creative, there are still plenty of fun ways to enjoy time with friends and family. So, grab a book, board game, or coloring book for your next video chat — you won’t regret it. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram if you try any of these virtual get-together ideas, and which is your favorite!

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