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Designers’ Tips for Bringing Vintage Charm to Your Home

Just like a pair of boots, a great home needs to feel a little “worn in.”

When you walk into a home that feels richly layered and comfortably lived in, it’s usually a space that has embraced the old and the new. Seamlessly blending antique family heirlooms and other vintage accessories, art, or furniture with newer pieces is a great way to achieve timeless design. Our ranch-style furniture pairs wonderfully with older, vintage Western pieces to create stunning Texas homes that feel beautifully authentic. 

Capturing this look can be difficult when it comes to finding the right older pieces. How do you know what’s “good” at that antique store (or in your parent’s attic)? What’s the right ratio of old to new? How do you accomplish that perfect balance of eclectic design with comfortable living?

Below, we’re sharing tips from accomplished interior designers to help you create a home full of the new pieces and older finds you love.

Start from the Floor

Grant K. Gibson, author of The Curated Home, says, “For any room, I usually suggest that you begin from the ground up: decide on the floor covering. It doesn’t matter if you want or have hardwood floors, area rugs, tile, stone or wall-to-wall carpeting. Thinking about your floor first will dictate how other pieces are layered in the space.”

Our collection of new, high-quality rugs offers gorgeous options if you’re looking for a modern ranch-style piece. Or, if you want to go vintage, try scouring Etsy, Ebay, or your local antique store for a high-end antique Persian rug or cowhide. Professional cleaning and repair can do wonders to make it look fresh again.

Ranch-style furniture from Brumbaugh's | Fort Worth, TX (Grey rug)

Follow Your Heart

When it comes to antiques, family heirlooms and other vintage finds, don’t worry if they’re “trendy” at the moment. Sure, you may see certain antiques trending on Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon. 

Interior designer Sarah Gunn says, “Instead of always following the latest design trend, decorate with timeless pieces you love.” 

That may mean collecting vintage items from you and your family’s favorite hobbies. Think about unique ways to use items in home decor, such as:

  • Framing a colorful collection of vintage fly fishing flies or bridle rosettes 
  • Collecting vintage books to decorate your mantel
  • Hanging a gallery wall of vintage art depicting your favorite locations

You can always find a way to incorporate whatever seems special to you in your home. Vintage items have had a long life; they’ve lived through many changes in interior style, so don’t try to choose them for their “trendy” value.

Mostly white drawing of longhorn

Give Yourself Time to Discover the Right Pieces

Tiffany Grant-Riley, of Curate and Display, notes an important point that can be difficult to remember in the excitement of redecorating a room: “Don’t be tempted to jump into a project straight away. Before you get into the styling, think first about how you need the space to work for you and plan accordingly so that you get it right the first time.”

Physically sketch out your space and jot down some notes so you know what you’ll want to purchase new and what you’ll want to treasure hunt for. 

For instance, if you have a big, open-concept family room, an oversized sectional may work best to fill the space. A new leather or fabric, ranch-style sectional offers the most comfort and selection for your home. 

Paired with a new sectional, you may want to balance the room with a couple vintage wooden chairs or an antique dresser to hold the TV. Save the accessories for last, once you have your key pieces purchased. That will help you strike the right balance of old and new across the space (for example: pair a vintage family quilt as a comfortable throw and buy new throw pillows to complement its older fabric).

The Greyson Sectional | Brumbuagh's Fine Home Furnishings

Don't Forget to Go Big

Every room deserves some “wow” factor to draw the eye around the space. “Adding one accessory that is oversized and out of proportion will make a room far more interesting,” says Ally Kim, an interiors writer. 

Accomplish this with an oversized mirror, an extra large Western landscape or portrait painting, a unique sculpture, or a lighting fixture. Whether you find something that’s old or new, the unexpected scale will diversify the size of your decor to add interest and give your room a much-needed focal point.

The Best Tip for Shopping New or Vintage

No matter what you’re looking for, follow interiors expert Charlotte Duckworth’s advice and “buy things you can’t bear to walk away from.” If you don’t want to leave it behind in the store, it should come home with you!

Shop Brumbaugh’s for Ranch-Style Furniture and Accessories

As you create your beautiful, timeless home, Brumbaugh’s is here with the leather furniture and quality pieces that will stand up to changing trends and years of use. Our furniture pairs well with vintage style to give your home instant charm! 

Visit us to find your next chair, sectional, dining table, and more.

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