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Area Rugs Vs. Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Are you currently renovating a room in your home and struggling to decide what you should do about flooring? Or perhaps you’ve purchased an older home and want to look at the possibility of some updates before you move in. Rugs or carpet? Which is the better option? We vote for rugs and here are our reasons why:

Gray Starlight Sofa

More versatile
Area rugs are simply more versatile than wall-to-wall carpet. You can move rugs from one room to another to change looks or make room for a new rug. Place rugs at a different angle to create an entirely different room flow and feel. Or, when you get tired of a rug, you can change it out for a different one without rendering a room uninhabitable for a day or more.

Add a pop of color
Most people choose carpet in a neutral color. It makes sense. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. With rugs, you can add a pop of color (or colors) to an otherwise neutral room without overdoing it. For example, if your sofa and chairs are neutral, a rug and some throw pillows add splashes of color and style.

Canyon Road Sectional

Easier install
You can install your own area rug. It’s doubtful you could say the same about wall-to-wall carpet. Additionally, you can usually move the furniture in a room from one side to the other to accomplish an area rug install, but wall-to-wall carpet requires the removal of all furniture from the room.

Room segmentation
Open floor plans are wonderful, especially when you can segment the room any way you choose. Area rugs enable you to clearly segment a room and tie other pieces of furniture together in a space. Pro tip: set front legs of chairs or sofas on the edge of the rug.


Show off hardwoods
If your home has beautiful hardwood floors, why would you ever dream of covering them up? Area rugs give you the opportunity to show off those wood floors, while still making the room feel cozy and providing a soft surface on which to walk.

Better for allergies
One of the least commonly known benefits to owning area rugs is the potential relief they provide allergy sufferers. There is less surface area for animal dander and dust mites to accumulate on rugs than there is on carpet. Not only that, but the pads underneath rugs can be removed or replaced, if necessary, rather easily. Rugs themselves can be professionally (and thoroughly) cleaned. Carpets can only be cleaned from the surface, often leaving behind allergens in the carpet pad regardless of how often they’re vacuumed.

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An investment you keep
Rugs are an investment, to be sure, but the beauty of this investment in contrast to the investment of carpet is that you can take them with you when you move and use them in a new home. You already know they match your decor, and you know how well they’ve been cared for.

To find a high-quality rug you can proud to have in your home and that will last for years to come, check out the broad selection we offer at Brumbaugh’s here and here.

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