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5 Gift Ideas For Dad That Reflect The Character He Instilled In You

Looking for gift ideas for dad? Whether you call him dad or daddy says a lot about your relationship with your father. So does the gift you choose to give him on Father’s Day. Skip the tie and opt for something more meaningful. Give Dad a gift that reflects what he’s done for you, that depicts the character traits he instilled in you. It’s the least you could do for the man who taught you to drive a car and grill a steak.

For the strength and toughness he instilled in you

By words or actions, whether you are son or daughter, Dad taught you to be tough. What was toughness as a kid developed into strength as an adult. Without him you would cower to an opposing viewpoint, wince at the idea of hard work, and run from your fears. His protection and guidance challenged those weaknesses, and you’re a better person because of it.

Sure, you could get him a gym membership or a weight set to reflect this character trait, but the message might be misconstrued to mean “You need to lose weight”. Don’t insult Dad on his day. Give him a gift he’ll enjoy, not just one that’s good for him. What’s tougher than a piece of furniture crafted from croc skins and cowhide? Thank Dad for giving you thick skin by returning the favor in the form of this comfortable recliner.

For the work ethic he taught you to have

Some things Dad taught you without ever saying a word. He modeled the behavior and it was contagious. You can’t imagine life any other way. A strong work ethic is one of those character traits. He worked hard to provide you with everything you needed and then some. Thank him by tipping your hat to his efforts with this beautiful desk or executive chair for his home office. Because hard workers never really retire; they just adjust their focus.

For the confidence he gave you

Confidence is learned behavior. It’s learned by achieving success and encouragement in a variety of arenas. Dad was your biggest fan on the sideline and your toughest coach off the field. He taught you to take risks strategically, not haphazardly, to try new things, and to be yourself. Thank him by giving him a wonderful symbol of risk-taking: a game table. Give him the opportunity to continue taking reasonable risks from the comfort of his own home.

For teaching you to be self-sufficient

Dad taught you how to drive a car, how to get a job, and how to hunt for food (should the need ever arise). While he provided for and protected you, he was preparing you to be an independent adult, someone who could fend for themselves. Thank him by giving him a gift that stands alone like you do now. This Furious Cat Armoire speaks for itself and becomes the focal point of any room.

For making you try and try again

Kids may be resilient, but more often than not, they have to be taught to be so. Every time Dad urged you to keep trying, to practice harder, or to not be a quitter, he was teaching you to be resilient. He was teaching you to keep pressing on when others would give up. He was strengthening your perseverance. It’s tough to think of a gift that reflects such a character trait, but we’ve got an entire selection. Thank Dad for persevering through your teen years and teaching you to be resilient by giving him an area rug. No other home accessory withstands more elements and challenges while maintaining its beauty and value, and Dad will appreciate a gift that lasts longer than a bottle of aftershave.

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